Offering students “real-world” challenges (while still in high school) makes secondary education a lot more meaningful for today’s youth.

At La Joya ISD, students interested in a career in broadcast journalism are given a chance of becoming student interns with KLJS-TV, the district’s television station. This opportunity particularly benefits students who are attracted to the film, TV, and acting industries and want to experience those careers now!

With three high schools (and A/V Technology classes available at each campus) plenty of candidates are already acquiring the tricks and techniques of working a video camera.

Intern requirements include: a minimum of one year in the class, good attendance, upper classmen status, and the desire to learn. Not only do interns gain the skills, but they also earn community service hours that are necessary in college applications.

“Students want exposure to potential career choices,” stated Mr. Mark Bullard, A/V Technology teacher at La Joya High School. “Allowing them to operate their own camera – in a real setting, is instant satisfaction for these kids, and that’s how they too discover whether they enjoy working in this field or not.”

The groups of 5-6 apprentices (per high school) capture their school’s home football games on film, and the TV Station staff later edits their footage. Seeing the final outcome aired on Channel 17, gives the interns a great sense of pride knowing they were a part of the finished product.

“Working the games has made me realize that this is definitely a profession that I will pursue,” stated intern, Lauren Muñoz. “Hollywood here I come!”