Kicking off the new school year, Palmview High School hosted an informative session for the 100 Freshman students enrolled in the school’s Academy of Business and Industry.

Mr. Cruz Garcia, alongside his father Joel Garcia (La Joya ISD’s school board Vice President and CEO and Owner of Collision Masters Auto Repair Shop) addressed the young audience on the wide range of opportunities available in the auto repair industry.

From a step-by-step explanation on the reconstruction process of damaged vehicles, to proper terminology and customer service, to informing the students on the types of certificates necessary to become qualified, nothing was left out!

“When you keep the customer happy, you will build a solid reputation, increasing your chances for success, ” advised Mr. Cruz Garcia. “Our personal goal, for example, is to repair a vehicle so well, the customer will never remember that it was ever damaged.”

The audience of students, Academy teachers, and school administration also learned about the presenters’ personal story of the journey their business has taken throughout the years. Always stressing that continuous education is key in the auto repair industry because it is constantly evolving with every new model that comes out.

Through the presentation, Palmview HS’s Academy of Business and Industry has definitely fueled it’s students to want to be the best in their chosen career within the competitive field and prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce.